Outdoor Wood Stoves

Indoor and outdoor wood stoves are enjoying a renaissance of late. With modern and 1830's antique wood stoves available, there's a stove to match every buyer's taste and needs. Operating outdoor wood stoves or outdoor wood-burning cook stoves means more than just placing a heating or cooking unit in a back yard. Providing the perfect environment makes a difference whether you're watching the fire in a covered veranda on a cool summer night, eating marshmallows and hot dogs on a patio in fall, or heating an outdoor workshop in the winter.

When deciding on the buying wood stoves:

  • The main purpose of the stove (heat, cooking, ambiance or a combination)
  • Natural wind and weather protection
  • Stove portability or permanence
  • Seasons the wood stove would be in use
  • Size required
  • Installation costs and safety inspection
  • Venting requirements
  • Accessories required for cooking or tending fire

With outdoor wood stoves a variety of prefabricated kits are available. You simply decide how you would like to adorn your wood stove setting, using brick, stucco, stone veneer, natural stone or tile. Modular wood stoves provide easy assembly. Modular units are finish-ready and come with a multitude of configurations and designs. Heavy Duty constructed wood stoves are built with galvanized steel framing, cross braces, cement boards, brick, cast iron, or stone.

When shopping for outdoor wood stoves, it's a good idea to bring snapshots to a certified retailer specialist showing your outdoor space. And don't forget to ask questions about weatherproofing your wood stove and long-term warranties.

A well-fashioned outdoor living space is considered a permanent part of your home and can contribute measurably to the appraised value of your property. Developing a space of beauty and functionality can bring friends and neighbours together to enjoy the firelight through out the year! Be sure to bookmark this site so you can resume your shopping for wood stoves, stove pipes, gas fireplaces, fireplace tool sets, chimney liners and caps and other home and hearth needs.

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