Wood Stove Styles and Design

As many styles of stove as styles of owner

If you are considering getting a new heating system, you may be concerned that your wood-burning options will be limited to the smoky "pot belly" cast-iron stoves that you have seen in old movies or your grandparents' home. That's just not so! Today, there are a massive variety of stoves to choose from with many different designs, colors, styles, shapes and sizes. Although wood-burning technology itself is older than recorded history, woodstoves now have precision engineering and design, making them highly sophisticated machines designed for extracting maximum heat from wood with minimum possible waste or pollution.

There are "new antique" and restored models designed to resemble the old Franklin Stoves of earlier days if a more traditional style suits you. If you have a more modern home and you would like to install a wood-burning appliance to match up with your existing décor, there are industrially-styled models with smooth lines and glass windows in the front, providing a view of the fire when it is burning. This allows some of the same benefits of a fireplace in terms of ambience, while offering the reduced waste of a high-efficiency woodstove, which radiates more heat into the room instead of sucking it out of the chimney like a masonry fireplace.

There are even post-modern fireplaces in non-traditional form factors, such as an Italian-designed round stove which hangs suspended from the ceiling, detached from the floor. In the case of this unconventional wood stove, Antrax Bubble, the chimney also provides support for the stove itself, keeping it suspended above the floor level. Although such stoves can sometimes be extremely difficult to get permitted within a normal building code, the important point is simply that woodstoves can be as artistic as their owners and designers. If you are interested in a woodstove for cooking, then you have options such as the Bakers Choice or the Heartland Sweetheart wood cook stove. These stoves have both been used for decades in many households, demonstrating a high degree of reliability and economy.

By now, you've probably realized that your woodstove options are so varied that your biggest concern will be simply narrowing down your list to the stove that is best for you. For more information on fireplaces, woodstoves, and accessories, click on any links in the navigation bar at the left side of your screen. Good luck in your search!

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